15 Feline Catwoman Tattoos

15 Feline Catwoman Tattoos

Mixing two popular passions, comics and cats, Catwoman tattoos are a hit!
Everyone falls for the charms of this mysterious thief, including Batman. But who is Catwoman? The first Catwoman is Selina Kyle. In her first appearances in the DC universe, she is a former prostitute, avenging women and stealing for a good cause. Never a bad girl but certainly fatale, she has a dark side but also a kindred soul for the Dark Knight. Her costume has changed since the 1960's, from a vintage cat mask and cape to a fetish latex suit. With movie adaptations, and performances by Michelle Pfeiffer and Anne Hathaway, Catwoman is becoming more sexy, but also more respectable, with a better past. What do you like in the character of Catwoman and do you have a tattoo of her? Here are some Catwoman tattoos that explore some of her popular aspects.
Old school Catwoman by Brian Hemming.
Hello kitty! By Daniel Danckert.
Romantic split tattoo by Domonick Lazzarotto...
Lovely cat lady by Dorca!
Sleek black and grey piece by Francisco Sanchez...
Dynamic tattoo done by Joey Hamilton during Ink Master.
Great one by Josh Davis.
Sexy version by Kelly Doty...
She looks like Audrey Hepburn here, don't you think? By Liz Cook.
Nice piece by Marshawn.
Solid work by Nikko Hurtado!
Hathaway's version by Pete TheThief.
Ink by Trevor Jameus inspired by the art of Bruce Timm.
Graphic version by Uncl Paul.
Rad one by Wan Tattooer...
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