15 Gentle Cherub Tattoos

Cherub tattoos are more related to innocence and love to religion.
These little children with wings are protecting us and showing our most noble feelings. God of love, Cupid, is often depicted in the same way as a cherub, despite being from Ancient Greece mythology. The two images have merged into one, inspired by the Romanticism. One of the most famous painting of this period of art history is indeed the adorable kiss from a little winged boy to a little fairy, created by Adolphe-William Bouguereau. Often in black and grey style, and inspired by statues, cherub tattoos are harmless, positive and lovely. Want some sweetness into your day? Let's admire these examples of endearing cherub tattoos...
Amazing nape and head piece by Andy Blanco!
Lovely tattoo by Chuey Quintanar...
Nice one by Daniel Rocha.
Lovely tattoo behind the ear by Eddie Lee.
Cherub and cameo by Eugene Rubuls.
Sweet piece by Fred Flores.
Cool piece by Iyan Pethtel.
Sleeping cutie by Kevin Furness.
Gorgeous chestpiece by Kuba Kujawa.
Beautiful tattoo by Marie Kraus.
Statue by Meehow Kotarski.
Color version by Patty Loy-Colebank.
Cupid by Polaren Per.
Great piece by Sir Focus.
Fun one by ZMR tattoo...