15 Imaginative Samurai Animal Tattoos

15 Imaginative Samurai Animal Tattoos

Samurai Animal Tattoos are one of the most popular Japanese inspired designs, the bold image of a fierce and noble warrior appeals to many.
But why settle for the traditional samurai tattoo when you could get a little more creative and throw in your favorite animal! Samurai animal tattoos are a combination of two of the best tattoo subjects that match the wild spirit of a warrior with the wild nature of an animal.
Tigers, bears, gorillas, and pandas all make a great choice for a samurai animal tattoo but you can really choose any animal you like. Fun, imaginative, unique and eye catching samurai animal tattoos are a tattoo you can enjoy even if you wouldn't want one yourself. When you put a panda in samurai armor it's just cool! So enjoy these 15 imaginative samurai animal tattoos and get inspired for your own warrior animal tattoo!!
Awesome Gorilla Samurai Tattoo by Marc Nava
Great Piece by Josh Nonas
Badass Bear by Matt Lambdin
Creative Cat Tattoo by Akuma Shugi
Bright Monkey Samurai Tattoo by Johan Ankarfyr
Great Work by Gotch
Samurai Animal Tattoo
Fantasy Frog Tattoo by Ed Perdomo
Epic Fox Samurai by Wendy Pham
Kickass Gorilla by Jethro Wood
Brilliant Tattoo by Jaroslaw Baka
Colorful Samurai Animal Sleeve Tattoo
Toad Warrior by Michael Munter
Samurai Animal Tattoo
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