15 Inspired Apple Tattoos

15 Inspired Apple Tattoos

There's more to the apple than simply being a delicious fruit, just take a look at these inspired apple tattoos and see!!
The apple is arguably one of the most symbolic images in the world. Throughout history numerous civilizations and cultures have used the apple to symbolize different things. In the west the apple is often seen as something desirable yet forbidden. It was the fruit on the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. An apple is a source of immortality as in the legend of Hercules and was used by Solomon as a symbol of the sweetness of the knowledge of God... An apple is quite simply much more than just a fruit!
Apple tattoos thereafter are often much more than an expression how much someone loves fruits. Apple tattoos can be a symbol of life, love, death, temptation etc, or anything you want them to be! Take a look at these inspiring apple tattoos and have a think about what a sweet apple tattoo would mean to you...
Apple Bird Tattoo by Missy Rhysing
Apple Hand Tattoo by Onnie O'Leary
Apple Mask Tattoo by Bio Art Tattoo
Apple Skull Tattoo by Astin Tattoo
Apple Snake Tattoo by Fulvio Vaccarone
Great Work by Adrenaline Vancity
Bold Chest Tattoo by Andres Acosta
Creative Piece by Vince Villalvazo
Badass Throat Tattoo by Fulvio Vaccarone
Apple Tattoo by Jessica Mach
Apple Tattoo by Kate Mackay Gill
Awesome Apple Tattoo by Pawel Skarbowski
Apple Tattoo by Tianna Osborne
Creative Apple Tree Tattoo by Heath Nock
Apple Woman Tattoo by Amy Victoria Savage
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