15 Invincible Gladiator Tattoos

15 Invincible Gladiator Tattoos

If you could describe the concept of badass in one image, you certainly could pick the gladiator.
In ancient Rome, this Professional warrior was displaying his fighting skills on an arena full of spectators. Battling other gladiators and warriors as well as big cats, he was a symbol of violence and strength. Gladiator tattoos are indeed mostly inspired by historical movies (especially "Gladiator" indeed). Some of them have accurate details, such as the different helmets of the different types of fighters. The helmet of the Murmillo is especially popular. But sometimes, ink lovers and artists are taking liberties with History and are using references from Roman, Greek and Spartan soldiers. But the main idea is still here: a symbol of manhood, brutality and a love for epic ink... So, are you the kind of person to fight to death? Then there are perhaps some invincible gladiator tattoos waiting for you...
Jaw-dropping piece by Aleksandr O´kharin!
Badass backpiece by Alexandr Kosach...
Another one by Anil Gupta.
Work in progress by Craig Cardwell.
Old school piece by Derek Billingsley.
Intricate piece by Dmitriy Samohin.
And a darker version by Domantas Parvainis.
Terrific tattoo by Fahrettin Demir...
Gorgeous one by Laura Juan.
Impressive work by Luis Fernando Puedmag Vinueza.
Cool piece by Luka Lajoie.
Creative tattoo by Pascal Scaillet.
By Pavel Roch.
By Sile Sanda.
By Timscraft.
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