15 Mighty Pegasus Tattoos

15 Mighty Pegasus Tattoos

Pegasus tattoos are the most popular Ancient Greece's mythology tattoos.
This legendary winged horse is spreading its wings on many bodies. Pegasus was born from the blood of Medusa, beheaded by Perseus. It is the friend of gods and heroes. Tattoos are showing its noble beauty, with long hair, pure white color and large pair of wings. It is sometimes depicted as a unicorn.
This mythological animal is perfect for badass and powerful tattoos, especially of large size. If you love horses, freedom, legends and beautiful ink, you could be inspired by these somptuous Pegasus tattoos...
Dark Pegasus unicorn by Alex Snelgrove.
A cute one by Beau Tattoo!
Impressive piece by Bob Tyrrell.
Breath-taking tattoo by Cido...
Work in progress by David Robinson.
Nice one by Dmitriy Orlovskiy.
Jaw-dropping piece by Fede Gas!
Nice on by Ikaa.
Gorgeous hip piece by Jeanne Saar.
Blackwork by Kelly Violence.
Graphic tattoo by Magdalena Bujak.
Great composition by Marcelo Zissu.
Colorful piece by Sasha Unisex.
Black and grey tattoo by Steve Soto.
Dynamic tattoo by Tyson.
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