15 Nostalgic 90s Tattoos From Your Time Capsule

15 Nostalgic 90s Tattoos From Your Time Capsule

It's like digging up a time capsule in your backyard again, only this time it's with these tattoo straight out of the 90s!
Lisa Frank-inspired dolphin tattoo by Alex Strangler
It's a blast from the past with these 90s tattoos inspired by some of the most iconic stuff from the decade! Perhaps you'll see some of your favorite 90's things here!
Lisa Frank-inspired dolphin tattoo by Alex Strangler
Lisa Frank was pretty big with little girls in the 80s and 90s. It's like LSD-inspired rainbow madness just for kids. Kidding aside, what else can a pre-teen ask for from the wide range of products—from lunchboxes to stickers—adorned with endless unicorns ans sparkles, a riot of colours, and everything nice. Tattoo artist Alex Strangler really killed it on this one.
90s bands marker tattoos, Tumblr
They say that the 90s was a wonderland for underground music when grunge uprising was strong and real tight. 90s kids, especially the teens had to have at least one band whom they believe that the 90s is about. That or you listened to the then-popular boybands of the last decade of the 1900s.
NES controller tattoo by Brandoom
This is what being a “gamer” meant then. Not that the term “gamer” was such a relevant term in that decade. You just play and you'll be all too familiar with the struggle of  cartridges.
Twin Peaks tattoo by David Cote
There's more trippy stuff like this by David Cote here!
Photo by Mathieu Cart
This guy was in your favorite commercial ever
Scooby and Shaggy tattoo, Area 51 Tattoo
Scooby Doo tattoo by Shawn at Til Death Denver
Nobody did cartoon fright quite like the Mystery Machine gang! These were the first guys who showed us that some of the worst monsters are humans... (So deep.)
F. R. I. E. N. D. S.
Admit it, you still watch TV reruns of this show some nights at home.
Pikachu Sleeve, Dino Tomic - Atomic Circus
Did you catch them all? I'm still on it.
Sonic Sleeve, Mookie Wilson
You really can't go wrong with the red mushroom or the mutant, blue hedgehog.
Barbie portrait by Nikko Hurtado
You know how it works—Barbies are always for girls. But you can't deny that Barbie is a part of most girls' childhood then.
Tamagotchi tattoo by Gooney Toons
This is for the kids who weren't allowed real pets.
Green Ranger by Courtney Raimondi
Every boy wanted to be the Red Ranger and every girl wanted to be the Pink Ranger—sucks for the girl who was stuck with the Yellow one, who's actually pretty cool by the way.
Edward Scissorhands and Kim Boggs tattoo by Alex Lazarini
Your first heartbreak.
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