15 Philosophical Hourglass Tattoos

15 Philosophical Hourglass Tattoos

Hourglass tattoos are classic and a great way to realize the short time we've been offered, and to make it awesome.
The peaceful droning sand inside the curvy glass is inspiring for tattoo artists. They can play on the design of the object, or invent surrealistic masterpieces connected to its philosophical meaning. Birth, life and death are important notions developped in hourglass tattoos.
They can tell us to take our time or to hurry up, depending on your vision of life. In every style, every type of design, hourglass tattoos are a timeless classic for tattoo lovers...
Trad by Aaron Dear.
Seize the day with Andrea Lanzi.
Gorgeous work by Andres Acosta...
Another one by Andres Acosta.
Badass piece by Iwan Yug!
Watercolor by Julia Dumps.
Gothic by Liudmil Vasilev.
Incredible art by Luis Fernando Puedmag Vinueza!
Old school by Marco Biondi.
Dark art by Piotr Cwiek.
Meaningful by Roberto Gasperi.
Powerful tattoo by Sile Sanda ...
Charming one by Tinho Marques.
Sick one by U-Gene.
Cool work by Zach Singer.
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