15 Strangely Sweet Doughnut Tattoos

These doughnut tattoos are a bold tattoo for anyone who loves a sweet treat!
Whether you spell it doughnut or donut these tasty tattoos are awesome. Doughnuts are eaten across the globe and the variations of them are almost endless, nearly every country has there own take on this classic food but the one people know best is the iconic ring doughnut! So if you're going for a doughnut tattoo it's a safe bet the ring doughnut will be the first choice design. With bright pink icing and colorful sprinkles it's as if doughnuts were meant to be a tattoo!
Now of course when you see a bold little doughnut tattoo your mind is often drawn to one person, Homer Simpson. Homer has a love affair with doughnuts like no other so its no surprise he is often an inspiration for doughnut tattoos and even features in some!!