15 Symbolic Goblet Tattoos

15 Symbolic Goblet Tattoos

Fancy some ornate ink, then checkout these great goblet tattoos!
A goblet, or chalice, is a footed cup most commonly used for religious ceremonies where it would hold a drink used in the ceremony. Perhaps the most famous goblet/chalice is the Holy Chalice. The vessel used by Jesus at the last supper the Holy Chalice is a significant Christian icon and holds strong associations with the Holy Grail, though the two are different.
An ornate and bold tattoo goblet tattoos make for some solid ink and an eye-catching piece. As part of a traditional sleeve or by itself a goblet tattoo is a creative and somewhat unique tattoo that isn't the everyday. Enjoy these 15 goblet tattoos and let them inspire you into getting your own!!
Goblet Tattoo by Harriet Heath
Goblet Tattoo by Joe Ellis
Awesome Goblet Tattoo by Joel Madberg
Spider Goblet Tattoo by Lewis Mckechnie
Blackwork Goblet Tattoo by Lewis Parkin
Goblet Tattoo by Max May
Sweet Tattoo by Miss Arianna
Creative Shark Goblet Tattoo by Nick Baldwin
Goblet Tattoo by Richard Smith
Goblet Tattoo by Ryan Cooper Thompson
Dark Goblet Tattoo by Sergey Vaskevich
Colorful Goblet Tattoo by Steve Byrne
Goblet Tattoo by Will Taylor Barbour-Brown
artist unknown
Skull Goblet Tattoo by Kerry-Anne Richardson
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