15 Touching Edward Scissorhands Tattoos

15 Touching Edward Scissorhands Tattoos

With its sweet gothic aesthetic, moving message and amazing performance, Edward Scissorhands unleashed the creativity of artist Tim Burton.
If you loved our Tim Burton tattoos, you will adore these Edward Scissorhands tattoos... Twenty five years after its release, it is still one of the most famous of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton's movies. It is still a cult movie for fans who don't hesitate to pay a tribute with ink. They are coveting beautiful portraits of Johnny Depp indeed, but also references to one of the most touching moments of the story, when Kim asks Edward to hold her. If you have been charmed by this story of difference and love, and if you worship Tim Burton's art, then you will enjoy these Edward Scissorhands tattoos...
Lovely piece by Ali Ersari.
Gorgeous one by Bruno Wayhs Neto!
Poetic piece by Chris Mason.
Kewpie cosplay made at High Voltage Tattoo.
Nice matching tattoos by Holly at Evermore Tattoo.
Inspired by an illustration of Benjamin Lacombe, inked by Jasen Workman.
Awesome new school art by Marty McEwen!
Beautiful portrait by Megan Massacre.
Another great one by Mike Carro.
Terrific work by Mirel Kaos.
Nice composition by Moira Ramone.
Breath-taking skills by Nikko Hurtado...
By Rich Pineda.
By Rob Richardson.
By Steve C.
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