15 Trendy Animal Headpiece Tattoos

15 Trendy Animal Headpiece Tattoos

Animal headpiece tattoos are now becoming more and more classic and hot tattoo trend.
Many tattoo collectors and tattoo artists are coveting these portraits wearing the head and fur of an animal on their head. The origin of this composition is coming from ancient warriors, adorning their war outfit with ferocious animals to show their strength and impress their enemies. This tradition can be found in Ancient Rome, Nordics, North Africa, Native indian areas and indeed in ancient civilizations of South America such as Aztecs. In animal headpiece tattoos, the cowl is often worn by female warriors. They are often used to give a badass look to the portrait of a loved one, adult or child. They are also called spirit animal warriors, hinting to the spiritual link between the beauty and the beast. You can find different combo of humans and wild animals, often powerful ones. If you want to unleash your animal instinct, stop everything and take a look at these powerful animal headpiece tattoos...
Unusual combo girl/eagle by Drew Shallis.
A more popular one: girl/leopard by Ervand Akopov.
A hit: girl/wolf by Ivan Wolf.
Wolf lady by Jeremiah McCabe.
Cool leopard warrior by Jimmy Duvall.
Jaw-dropping girl with a tiger headpiece by Matthias Noble!
Lovely tattoo by Mumia.
Also by Mumia.
Cute lady by Oscar Akermo.
Girl/bear combo by Samantha Smith.
Very trippy cats headpiece by Sergio Sanchez...
Adorable kid/leopard combo by Stefano Alcantara...
Leopard warrior by Zach Singer.
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