16 Electric Nikola Tesla Tattoos

16 Electric Nikola Tesla Tattoos

Nikola Tesla tattoos are very popular, but still, few persons really know this genius.
This Serbian American inventor of the end of the 19th century / beginning of the 20th century, is best known for his involvement into the knowledge of electricity and his feud with fellow, inventor Thomas Edison. But the projects of this man of science were so futuristic that he still has a huge impact on scientists now, as well as on the geeks and mystery lovers.
His portrait tattoos are often unconventional, with surrealistic designs and graphic effects. Some are indeed connected to electricity and science, while others are simply crazy and creative! Are you an admirer of this legend of science? Then indulge in these fascinating Nikola Tesla tattoos...
Creative piece by Cody Eich.
Wonderful portrait by Dmitriy Samohin...
The cool style of Dzikson Wildstyle.
Fun fictional battle between Edison and Tesla by Hoffa Artfink!
Nice composition by Jake Anderson.
Graphic work by Jennifer Edge.
Fun matching Edison and Tesla tattoos by Krysten Dae!
Watercolor by Russell Van Schaick.
Cool chestpiece by Shelly DeAngio.
Great portrait by Tattomas.
Creative composition by Tavci Tattoo.
Please credit this rad leg piece.
Eye-catching tattoo by Toko Loren.
Brilliant hand tattoo by Zack Singer!
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