16 Everlasting Egyptian Ankh Tattoos

16 Everlasting Egyptian Ankh Tattoos

The ancient Egyptian ankh tattoos are famous and meaningful, used in many different designs and styles all over the world.
The ankh is perhaps the most well-known of the ancient Egyptian symbols. This thin cross-like mark with a looped head was used as a hieroglyphic letter that literally meant 'life'.

To the ancient Egyptians, this beautiful token stood for everlasting life, and was often imprinted and engraved on sarcophaguses (coffins) to ensure that the mummy inside would have 'life' forever, and be reincarnated and transported to their 'afterlife'.

Holding a deep symbolism for life after death, the ankh has become an extremely popular emblem for tattoos.
Not only is the ankh a mark that can surpass time and death, but it also transcends many different tattoo styles. Whether delicate and simple, or used as part of a more detailed design, the ankh is versatile tattoo imagery.
Thinking of getting an ankh tattoo? Take inspiration from these 16 designs below and may your tattoo give you EVERLASTING LIFE!
A simple, bold ankh tattoo within a more detailed Egyptian vase, by James Travis. Photo credit: Instagram @xjamestravisx.
A beautifully symmetrical geometric ankh tattoo by Seth Carne, Australia. Photo credit: Instagram @setharcane.
A perfect dotwork detailed ankh tattoo by Ovo Tattoo, Russia. Photo credit: Instagram @ovtattoo.
A traditional rose and ankh in perfect harmony. By Jessica O, Brazil. Photo credit: Instagram @ohjessica_o.
Keeping it simple with these finger ankh tattoos by Nick Hams, Minneapolis. Photo credit: Instagram @nicholashams.
A stunning watercolour tattoo giving some smoke to this ankh tattoo. Photo credit: Instagram @lululux23.
Epic colour and dimension in this beautiful ankh dagger by Lucas 'Six' Franco, Brazil. Photo credit: Instagram @lucassug.
Colourful ankh dagger with lettering by Brittany T. Genius, Brooklyn, New York. Photo credit: Instagram @lilboobedhippie.
Dark and detailed ankh tattoo with Egyptian detail. Photo credit: Instagram @kenno_inkfanatiks.
Super delicate detail and symmetry in this ankh tattoo. Photo credit: Instagram @king7tattoo.
Henna detail in this ankh tattoo by Hannah Marie Clock. Photo credit: Instagram @hannahmarieclock.
Traditional jackal head with ankh and eye detail by Gabriel Gozzer. Photo credit: Instagram @gabrielgozzer.
So much colour and Egyptian imagery in this stunning neo-traditional ankh tattoo by Franz Cruz. Photo credit: Instagram @franz777.
Bright and bold nu-skool ankh by Craig Lee. Photo credit: Instagram @craigleetattoo
Amazing depth and dimension in this black and grey ankh tattoo. Photo credit: Instagram @brunosalvatierratattoos.
A simple ankh tattoo with minimal shading and symmetrical paisley designs by Audrey, Illinois. Photo credit: Instagram @audreyannebauer.
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