16 Fantastic Kingfisher Tattoos

16 Fantastic Kingfisher Tattoos

Kingfisher tattoos are truly admirable. First, this small bird is sporting extraordinary colors and shiny feathers.
And indeed, it is an impressive hunter, capturing fishes underwater at incredible speed... It's the dream of a wildlife photographer to capture their catch on picture. But tattoo artists are also eager to immortalize the noble animal. Realism masters are challenged by its dynamic moves, while graphic artists are fascinated by its vivid colors.
They are unleashing their talent for the greater pleasure of animal lovers and tattoo addicts! So if you enjoy the beauty of rivers and animals, you will be impressed by these amazing kingfisher tattoos...
Beautiful piece by Aniela.
Nice one by Ben Roberts.
Creative design by Bob Mosquito.
Gorgeous work by Emre Cebeci!
Lovely piece by Hannah Calavera.
The art of Ivana Belakova.
Charming tattoo by Javi Wolf.
Excellent realistic piece by Matthew James.
Cool art by Ondrash.
Superb tattoo by Paco Casero.
Cute one by Rebecca Bertelwick.
Another one by Rebecca Bertelwick.
Great tattoo by Sam Stokes.
Jaw-dropping masterpiece by Stefano Alcantara!!!
Lovely one by Sven van Kratz.
Elegant piece by Tyler Payne.
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