16 Forceful King Tattoos

King tattoos are not only made to celebrate ancient monarchs.
They are warning us about the volatility of power, wealth and life. Many king tattoos are skeletons to remind us that all men are equal in front of death. They are also illustrating the ancient French saying "The king is dead, long live the king" (le roi est mort, vive le roi), a sentence used to celebrate the reign of a new king, after the death of the other. And dead kings are really popular in tattoo art, fit for badass designs...
Powerful men of History, heroes of card games or icons of pop culture, many characters are coveting crowns and thrones... Is it your secret dream? Then take a look at these forceful king tattoos for inspiration...
Skull king by Abey Alvarez.
Process of a cool tattoo by Anabi.
Badass sleeve by Andy Blanco.
Neck tattoo by Ben Gergerich.
Awesome sleeve by Derek Joseph Livezey.
Please credit this rad piece.
Dark king by Leny Tusfey.
Lion king by Marshall Tattoo studio.
Double side by Maxim Moroko.
Great thigh piece by stained-glass master Mikaël de Poissy.
Sick piece by Niki Norberg!
Gorgeous engraving by Phil Tworavens.
Zombie king by Piotr Deadi Dedel.
Notorious B.I.G. by Rafael Makarov.
Nice one by Sam Warren.
Epic backpiece by Sierra Colt...