16 Haunting Cthulhu Tattoos

16 Haunting Cthulhu Tattoos

Readers of fantasy writer H.P. Lovecraft and role games players will perfectly understand these Cthulhu tattoos.
This alien god, created by the American author, is one of his most popular characters. Banned by other ancient gods, Cthulhu is supposed to sleep in an unknown Pacific island, waiting for his return and domination over the world. Inspired by the mythological figure of the Kraken, this octopus head monster is the subject of a fictional cult, and his minions are working to awake him with horrific ceremonies. Cthulhu tattoos are indeed inspired of fan art, based on the short stories of Lovecraft. Now the creature is an icon of metal music, video games and pop culture, with kawaii versions and plushies. But if you prefer the scary, badass version, we have your back with these epic Cthulhu tattoos...
Jaw-dropping backpiece by Andrey Ratynsky!
Cool piece by Bob Tyrrell...
Impressive sleeve by Clod The Ripper!
Please credit.
Badass ripped skin piece by El Mori...
Great blackwork by Fede Perla Madonna.
A sick tattoo by Gghost Lee.
The amazing art of Grindesign.
Badass sleeve by Hector Cedillo!
Terrific back by Javier Tattoo.
Nice design by Jesse Levitt.
Interesting hand tattoo by Joe King.
Great piece by Jukan.
Chestpiece by Marie Kraus.
The unfamous statue by Oliwia Daszkiewicz.
Scary look by Tommy Lee Wendtner.
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