16 Heartwarming Father And Daughter Tattoos

16 Heartwarming Father And Daughter Tattoos

Keep the bond with your old man tight with matching father and daughter tattoos like these!
Pearl Jam lyrics tattoos of @maludreis and her dad
Sorry mom, but dad said it's okay to get tattoos! For those of you who were fortunate enough to grow up with a dad you get along with, the next big adventure to cross of your list might be to get matching tattoos with them. If there's anything better than having a dad who doesn't mind you tattoos too much is having a dad who would get tattoos with you rather than just driving you to the tattoo shop.

Here are 16 pairs of cool father and daughter teams who got matching tattoos—permanent reminders of their permanent and unconditional bonds.
Artist unknown.
Matching heart/infinity tattoos of Janely Gallego and her dad
Nothing may last forever but family is for life.
“He is her lighthouse no matter how rough the sea is.” (by Moto Amberisland)
A beautiful pair of different yet perfectly matching father and daughter tattoos.
Matching butterfly tattoos by Ronny Camara
Matching ghost tattoos of @bainer33 and her dad
Compass tattoos of Jenifer Mae and her dad
Like father, like daughter. Bet they both challenge each other on who gets the most tattoos!
Matching compass tattoos by Madison Taylor
Guiding you in every step of the way, wherever may be.
Matching tattoos by Alexander Egan
Matching octopus tattoos by @lillithvainsuicide
NY tattoos of Sarah Dowaliby and her dad
Cheering for the same team and getting the same ink!
Anchor tattoos by Devin Mena
Screw what everyone says about anchors when your dad wants to get one with you.
The Fifth Element matching tattoos of @themarkremains and his daughter
Matching dreamcatcher tattoos of Lori Rains and her dad
Because every dad just wants to see his daughter's dreams come true. But look at those tools hanging on the dad's dreamcatcher!
Seminole matching tattoos of David Spriggs
Matching tattoos of Emilia Haycock and her dad
And he will always love you more...
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