16 Inspiring Inkwell And Quill Tattoos

16 Inspiring Inkwell And Quill Tattoos

Way before iPads and pencils, our ancestors were using inkwell and feather quills to write letters, novels and poetry.
It was refined and romantic, enough to inspire the inked nostalgic people... Inkwell and quill tattoos are for the lovers of writing, literature and antiques. The little bottles of ink sometimes spill their content and give the opportunity to add some stain effects, with watercolor techniques. As for the fancy quills, they are make of the finest feathers, from ostrichs and other elegant birds, with precious details... Are you in the mood for love letters, fine poetry and elegant objects? Then you could fall for inkwell and quill tattoos...
Small watercolor by Would.
Pretty one by Vinetta Townsend.
Cool matching tattoos by Savannah Colleen McKinney...
Fancy hand tattoo by Rachi Brains.
Realistic piece by Natalia Borgia.
Great tattoo by Martina Ekeberg!
Amazing work by Justin Burnout...
Lovely quill by Joanne Baker!
Another watercolor by Javi Wolf.
Please credit.
Lovely one by David Hale.
Colorful one by Dave Kruseman.
Great work by Christian Peters.
Elegant piece by Alicja Andersen.
Clean composition by Adam Perjatel.
Now, write! By Adam Barton.
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