16 Majestic Queen Tattoos

Are you a queen? Or do you have a queen? In both cases, you could get queen tattoos to get a taste of royalty...
Men are getting their queen of heart tattooed, and women are showing their power with fancy crowns. Many queen tattoos are inspired by playing cards and portrait paintings of history. But queens still exist, and British monarch Elizabeth II is inked too, both for tributes and ironic messages.
Many tattoos are based on gorgeous modern illustrations, teaming the luxury of the outfits and crowns with edgy designs such as skeletons and anatomical hearts. Glamour or dark, sexy or evil, the queens are always reigning on tattoo art... God save the queen tattoos!
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Queen of anatomical heart by Annie Frenzel.
White ink on blackwork by Béatrice Myself.
Gorgeous tattoo by Delphine Noiztoy inspired by Vania Zouravliov.
Great tattoo by Fraser Peek.
Elizabeth II by Joe Farrell.
Diamond queen by John Rippey.
Tattoo by Kylie Gibson inspired by Banksy.
Heart queen by Luis Aguirre.
Epic backpiece by Mike Carro inspired by Moni Marino.
Tattoo by Monotoxic Alejandro Carvajal inspired by Medusa Dollmaker.
Pin-up queen of heart by Paul Vander-Johnson.
Wonderful ink, please credit.
Matching tattoos by Riley Hogan.
Neck piece by Sunni Muffinson.
Feline queen by Teresa Sharpe.
Dead beauty by Veronica Dey.