16 Small Rat And Mouse Tattoos

16 Small Rat And Mouse Tattoos

No, rat and mouse tattoos are not necessarily linked to the unpleasant image of these animals.
There are much more related to folklore and childhood illustrations. And pet owners can tell you that these animals are adorable, too. We usually encounter rats and mice in our houses, and we are sometimes imagining their secret lives inside our walls... We picture them acting like humans, with little clothes and doing human activities... And, rat and mouse tattoos are sometimes teaming up with tea addiction and lovely tea cups... Many reasons to stop and take a look at these small furry creatures in ink. You won't be afraid of these lovely rat and mouse tattoos, we promise!
Two gorgeous Japanese mouse tattoos by Alix Gé.
Pet owner tattoo by Anki Michler.
Cute clean mouse by Elena Virginia Schmitt...
Curious piece by Gianpiero Cavaliere.
Adorable small thing by Joshua Whitten...
Lianne Moule is making the cutest mouse tattoos!
By Lianne Moule too, told you!
Little warrior by Lynn Marie King.
Detail by Mandy Denise.
Star Wars rat by Marek Bernat...
Mysterious piece by Matt Curzon.
Stunning tattoo by Rachel Honeywell!
Lovely hand tattoo by Simon Morse.
Cool hand rat by V Tattoo.
Charming watercolor by Yadou.
Endearing knitting granny by Zema...
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