18 Exotic Toucan Tattoos

18 Exotic Toucan Tattoos

Want a bird tattoo that's a little more exotic than the classic eagle, then take a look at these toucan tattoos!
Native to the tropical climates of Central and South America the toucan is a black-bodied bird most noted for its large and brightly colored canoe-shaped bill. Toucans are recognizable birds and have become a symbol of the wildlife in the American tropics. Impressively there are about forty different species of toucan so you have plenty of inspiration for an awesome toucan tattoo!
Toucan tattoos are a bold tattoos that use the bright bill of the bird to make the tattoo pop. With its dark body and vibrant bill a toucan is a striking bird tattoo that makes an exotic alternative to the usual bird designs. Toucan tattoos are bright and creative and an inspired choice of bird ink, enjoy these 18 toucan tattoos and feel those Amazonian vibes!!
Blackwork Toucan by Teide Tattoo
Toucan Chameleon Tattoo by Teresa Sharpe
Toucan Rose by Chris Lambert
Toucan Tattoo by Cloak and Dagger Tattoo
Bright Toucan by Ivana Belakova
Tropical Toucan by Kim-Anh Nguyen
Toucan by LTW Tattoo
Traditional Toucan by Mario Desa
Sweet Toucan by Melanie Milne
Toucan by Mike Tea
Toucan Tattoo by Skingdom Tattoo
Great Tattoo by Spilled Ink Tattoo
Toucan Tattoo by Toby Gawler
Realistic Toucan Tattoo by Valentina Riabova
Toucan Tattoo by Vittoria Tattoo
Toucan Tattoo by Zoi Tattoo
unknown artist
Another Solid Toucan by Kim-Anh Nguyen
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