18 Exquisite Blue Rose Tattoos

Enjoy these exquisite blue rose tattoos! They're a little different but totally awesome!!
The most iconic flower tattoo is the rose! Simple yet beautifully bold the rose has been the ultimate flower tattoo for decades and whether it's done in a traditional or contemporary style you can never go wrong with this classic design. Yet there is more to rose tattoos than the traditional red or more modern blackwork, have you ever considered a blue rose?
Blue rose tattoos are a colorful alternative to the usual red rose tattoos, and while they are a little less common they equally as beautiful. A symbol of love and prosperity blue roses but do not actually exist in nature. Blue roses are often created by dying white roses or genetically altering other roses. Blue rose tattoos however are created with ink and needle and look exquisite, take a look at these 18 blue rose tattoos and see for yourself!!
Blue Rose Ladybug by Acosta Tattoo
Awesome Tattoo by Aleksandra Katsan
Blue Rose Tattoo by Alice Carrier
Blue Rose Tattoo by Babakhin
Insane Neck Piece by Cecil Porter
Blue Rose Tattoo by Guen Douglas
Blue Rose Tattoo by Isaiah Toothtaker
Gorgeous Tattoo by Kostas Baronis Proki
Blue Rose Tattoo by Kyle Cotterman
Blue Rose Tattoo by Lehel Nyeste
Blue Rose Tattoo by Maverick Ink
Great Piece by Rich Pineda
Blue Rose Tattoo by Samed Ink Tattoos
Watercolor Blue Rose Tattoo by Victor Octaviano
Traditional Blue Rose Tattoo by Xamthespaniard
unknown artist
unknown artist