18 Juicy Fruit Tattoos

Fruit tattoos are eye-catching with their bright colors and harmonious designs. They add joyful notes to different designs.
If you enjoy the healthy life, good food and the gifts of the world, you could be interested in getting fruit tattoos. Red fruits like strawberries and cherries are yummy but also looking like jewels. Bananas, on the other hand, are related to the pleasure of the flesh, like peaches and apricots... An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it is also the fruit of temptation... But who would like to resist sweet and fresh fruit tattoos?
A kiwi for energy! By Alex Noir.
Lovely cherries by Alisa Tesla.
Fruits half sleeve by Andrey Kolbasin.
Yummy strawberry by Barbara Kiczek!
Sane food by David Benjamin Kaye.
A fresh sleeve by Dmitriy Naboka...
Funny Tom Selleck tattoo by Fru Duva...
Incredible piece by Ilya Fominykh!
That's... bold. By Joe Miller.
Pretty tattoo by Katie Shocrylas.
Pure peach by Kim Deakins.
Banana is the fruit of love... By Martha Blek.
Fruit mandala by Nicole Draeger.
Cute mouse eating raspberries by Robi Pena.
Delicious sleeve by Roman Warwink...
Amazing piece by Samuel Potucek!
Badass fruits by Slava Jangle.
Tempting... By Vasiliy Suvorov.