18 Proud Native American Chief Tattoos!

18 Proud Native American Chief Tattoos!

Native American Chief tattoos are popular tattoo choice in many different designs, and they always look good!
From tomahawks to tipis Native American inspired tattoos come in many different forms, but perhaps the most famous and traditional Native American tattoo is that of the Chief.
Native American chief tattoos feature a traditional style portrait of typical Native American chief with a large feather headdress and bold colors. Chief tattoos are a true classic of tattooing, they're a simple yet striking image filled with symbolism and meaning, such as leadership, courage, bravery and pride. You can't go wrong with Native American chief tattoos and these 18 tattoos are testament to that. Enjoy!
Tomahawk Chief Tattoo by Capilli Tupou
Chief Tattoo by Dickie de Wit
Solid Tattoo by James Clements
Chief Tattoo by Jessica Swaffer
Cool Tattoo by Zach Nelligan
Dark Chief Tattoo by Joe Ellis
Awesome Chief Tattoo by Lewis Parkin
Colorful Chief by Luke Holland
Chief Tattoo by Luke Jinks
Traditional Chief Tattoo by Mikael Kungsgatan
Chief Tattoo by Piranha
Chief Tattoo by Ryan Shaffer
Blackwork Chief Tattoo by Sean Sorg
Great Piece by Stevie Edge
Brilliant Chief Tattoo by Taler Nicols
Blackwork Chief Tattoo by Tron
Chief Tattoo by WC Tattoo
Solid Work by Zach Nelligan