18 Sharp Scissor Tattoos

18 Sharp Scissor Tattoos

What a useful tool: scissors! Hairdressers, barbers, seamstresses, dressmakers, gardeners, etc; and creative people are using them.
And some are so creative and dedicated to their tool they even get scissor tattoos! Some of these tattoos are related to their job or hobby. But others are using the shape and design of scissors with a trick. Shiny, sharp and effective, scissor tattoos could surprise you with their cool look! So take a look at our selection and get inspired!
Clever tattoo made at The Art House Tattoo Co.
Garter tattoo by Spencer Scott.
Seamstress pride by Ryan Mason.
Cool surrealistic tattoo by Phil Tworavens.
Clean face tattoo by Nathan Smith.
Nice graphic tattoo by Lukasz Bam Kaczmarek.
Fancy one by Kirsty Wells.
Gardener tattoo by Keiji Murakami.
Beautiful one by Júlio Loureiro.
Colorful new school by Joseph Matisa.
Gorgeous head tattoo by Jessica Wright on tattooed model Poppy Del.
Lacy one by Greg Risner.
Great dotwork by Fraukekatze.
With some geometry, by Cassie Connelly.
Broken heart by Alex Strangler.
Awesome old school piece by Alex Rowntree.
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