20 Awesome Millennium Falcon Tattoos

20 Awesome Millennium Falcon Tattoos

The Millennium Falcon is the coolest spacecraft in the galaxy, just ask Han Solo! These Millennium Falcon tattoos are also pretty sweet!
The Millennium Falcon is a highly modified YT-1300 light freighter spacecraft captained by smuggler Han Solo and his Wookie first-mate Chewbecca. A staple of the original Star Wars films the Falcon is making its long awaited return in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, claimed that the design of the spacecraft was inspired by a hamburger!! Thankfully these Millennium Falcon tattoos were not inspired by a burger but the awesome craft itself!
Millennium Falcon tattoos are a bold and fun tribute to an iconic movie series and also a creative take on traditional ship tattoos. Ships are a timeless design but spaceships like the Millennium Falcon hold there own and show why sci-fi tattoos are awesome, especially when they're done in an old school style!! You simply can't beat a rose and Millennium Falcon tattoo!
Bold Piece by Sparrow Tattoo Company
Millennium Falcon Tattoo by Richard Smith
Great Millennium Falcon and Death Star by Adam Hays
Good Work by Alex Sabur
Millennium Falcon Tattoo by Annie Frenzel
Traditional Style by Ashley Thorburn
Awesome Tattoo by Chris Toler
Awesome Tattoo by Polly Sands
Millennium Falcon Tattoo by Ignacio Flores
Black and Grey Millennium Falcon by Fernando hideki Tattoo
Awesome Sleeve by Ion Runcan
Millennium Falcon Tattoo by Jeff Wortham
Cool Piece by Johnny Awesome
Creative Ship In A Bottle by Joshua Ross
Millennium Falcon Tattoo by Rica Pitzalis
Great Tattoo by Rizza Boo
Millennium Falcon by Nephtali Brugueras jr
Bold Work by Roses and Ruins
Impressive Tattoo by Stacy McCleaf
artist unknown
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