20 Bold Portraits By Dan Molloy

20 Bold Portraits By Dan Molloy

Portrait tattoos are some of the most impressive ink and artist Dan Molloy has made them his own!!
A Dan Molloy portrait tattoo is like no other portrait ink out there, a mixture of striking realism and bold neo-traditional style Molloy's portraits are awesome!! Tattooing from Legacy Tattoo, England, Molloy has put countless people in ink, from Elvis to Judge Judy and we're bringing you some of his finest tattoos right now!
Remember to check him out on Instagram and keep up to date with his badass bold portraits!
Energetic Woody!
Solid Work
Sweet Sirius Black
Awesome Tony Montana
Pulp Fiction Anyone??
Nice Gun Toting Rick Grimes
Crazed Killer Patrick Bateman
Bold Work!
Someone Loves Judge Judy!
Can't Beat Breaking Bad!
Cool Ice Cube Ink!
Eerie Wednesday Addams!
The King!
Badass Django
Fierce Darth Maul!!
Bold Black and Grey!
The Notorious B.I.G!!
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