20 Cheerful Chimp Tattoos

20 Cheerful Chimp Tattoos

Chimp tattoos are cheerful and fun that captures the energetic spirit of chimps and puts it in the ink, realistic, traditional or geometric.
Native to subsaharan Africa the chimpanzee, or chimp, is a species of great ape that calls the Congo Jungle home. Chimpanzee's were considered one species until 1928 when they were split into two, the chimpanzee and the bonobo. Chimpanzee has also been divided into 5 subspecies. Among the most intelligent primates chimpanzees have been known to use a variety of improvised tools to construct elaborate sleeping nests up in the trees. A smart and charismatic animal chimpanzees make for some cheerful chimp tattoos!
Stunning Chimpanzee by Alex de Pase
Chimpanzee Tattoo by Dan Lockett
Great Piece by Dan Molloy
Awesome Work by Dark Art Tattoo
Brilliant Tattoo by Evan Olin
Chimpanzee Tattoo by Jamie Lee Parker
Black and Grey Chimp by Kelvin Slack
Amazing Tattoo by Led Coult
Chimpanzee Tattoo by MeganRoseTattoos
Chimpanzee Tattoo by Michael Kelly
Dramatic Tattoo by Mike DeVries
Cool Chimp Tattoo by Mike Stocklings
Epic Chimp Tattoo by Ottos
Chimpanzee Tattoo by Randy Engelhard
Bold Chimp by Sergio Ogres
Chimpanzee Tattoo by Thomas Pollard
Abstract Chimpanzee by Valentin Hirsch
Cute Chimp Tattoo by Timscraft