20 Cute & Tiny Celebrity Tattoos

20 Cute & Tiny Celebrity Tattoos

Let these 20 Cute & Tiny Celebrity tattoos be your small tattoo inspiration.
Little Cara tattoo
Supermodel Cara Delevingne showing off her Lion finger tattoo.
Celebrity tattoo
She also has a gem on her ear and a few stars on the side.
Little bee tattoo
Here's the Mother of Dragons getting a Bumblebee tattoo from Dr. Woo
Cute bee tattoo
Emilia Clarke (popularly known as Khaleesi in Game of Thrones) got the tattoo inspired by her new movie "Me Before You".
Scalp tattoo
Kelly Osbourne shaved the sides of her head for her new tattoo, "Stories" done by Dr. Woo.
Bird tattoo
Leighton Meester <3
Rihanna tattoo
Rihanna wants you to shhhut up!
vanessa hudgens tattoo
Vanessa Hudgens has a pretty butterfly tattoo on the back of her neck.
Miley Cyrus tattoo
Miley Cyrus turns out to be a fan of Da Vinci for getting an anatomical heart tattoo of Da Vinci's work on her arm.
arrow tattoo
Check out Erin Wasson's cool geometric arrow tattoos.
chin tattoo mandala
LA Ink star & tattooer Kat Von D has a pretty little mandala under her chin as "something to look at" whenever she takes a shot of tequila.
Adele tattoo
A for Adele!!! <3
emma stone cute matching tattoo
Totally sweet how Emma Stone got a matching tattoo with her mom who is currently battling Cancer.
blackbird tattoo
Here's a closer look of the tattoo of a Blackbird symbol, which her mom also has on her right wrist.
Kate Moss anchor tattoo
Check out Kate Moss' Anchor tattoo on the right side of her arm.
wrist symbols tattoo
Lily Allen has nine cute small tattoos of symbols placed around her wrist like a bracelet.
Hillary Duff heart tattoo
Hilary Duff wear her heart on her sleeve-located on the left side of her wrist. <3
katy perry strawberry and candy tattoo
Katy Perry got candy & strawberry tattoos on her feet to match her sweet personality. <3
broken heart matching tattoo
BFFs Hailey Baldwin & Kendall Jenner got matching broken heart tattoos. Photo snapchatted by Hailey </3
britney spears tattoo
Britney Spears has a kiss mark tattoo on her arm. :-*
three little starts tattoo
That's about it for now! Keep following the Tattoodo blogs for more awesome tattoo inspiration. ;)
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