20 Excellent Blackwork Tattoos by Fredao Oliveira

20 Excellent Blackwork Tattoos by Fredao Oliveira

If you enjoy dark and haunting blackwork tattoos then Fredao Oliveira is an artist that needs to be on your radar.

Blackwork tattoos are on the rise and one of the most popular tattoo styles of today, they're bold, detailed and eye-catching. Blackwork is simply brilliant and tattoo artist Fredao Oliveira is producing some of the finest.

Oliveira's illustrative blackwork tattoos are a unique take on the usual bold blackwork style. Where many artists will choose to work in a style using lines sparingly and making extensive use of negative space, Oliveira goes in the other direction and fills his tattoos with black ink all over the place. This results in a dark style filled with great detail, amazing linework, and nods towards the abstract.

Obviously, Oliveira's work is "dark," he works with only black ink after all, but his tattoos are also spiritually heavy. Focusing on abstract versions of skulls, human/animal hybrids, portraits with the deadest of eyes, and other nightmare fuel, Oliveira's tattoos get inside of your head, whether you want them to or not.  

Creative Gorilla Fish tattoo by Fredao Oliveira #blackwork #blckwrk #linework #shading #abstract #sketchstyle #monkey #fish #FredaoOliveira

If you have found Oliveira's work as captivating as we do, you'll definitely want to give him a follow on Instagram. 

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