20 Solid Old School Bulldog Tattoos

20 Solid Old School Bulldog Tattoos

Bulldog tattoos are one of the true old school tattoos and have their roots in the rise of tattooing's popularity among soldiers.
Often used as a symbol of the United States Marine Core bulldog tattoos commonly have a military theme, such as a bulldog wearing a soldiers helmet. The bulldog as an image is also seen as a national symbol of England and the United Kingdom, frequently associated with Winston Churchill and the British defense from Nazi Germany. Aside from military connotations ,however, bulldogs have become a common symbol for sports teams, 39 American Universities currently have a bulldog as their mascot!!
Bulldog tattoos may not be the prettiest or most impressive of tattoos but they are an old school classic, far less common than they used to be a bulldog is still a great tattoo. A traditional design that takes you back to the early days of western tattooing you can't go wrong with a bold little bulldog on your arm!
Bulldog Butterfly by Jonathan Reina
Bulldog by Eli Falconette
Old School Bulldog Tattoo
Military Bulldog by Eli Falconette
Awesome Piece by Anton Bris
Old School Bulldog Tattoo
Bulldog Rose Tattoo by Eli Falconette
Dapper Bulldog by Charlie Coppolo
Bold Bulldog by Chris Marchetto
Bulldog Tattoo by Christos
Bold Tattoo by Dean Denney
Great Work by Eli Falconette
Blackwork Bulldog by Franz Stefanik
Old School Bulldog Tattoo
Tattoo by Lucky Devil Tattoo
Old School Style by Paul O'Rourke
Fierce Bulldog by Shaun Topper
Tattoo by Stuart G. Cripwell
Bulldog Tattoo by True Colors Tattoo
unknown artist
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