20 Standout Tattoos By Fulvio Vaccarone

20 Standout Tattoos By Fulvio Vaccarone

Fulvio Vaccarone creates some incredible neo-traditional tattoos in a bold and dramatic style.
Tattoos by Vaccarone have an eye-catching quality that draws you in. Combining traditional techniques with contemporary flair and creativity, Vaccarone is an artist whose work you need to see. From gorgeous girls and handsome men to fierce sharks, the tattoos of Vaccarone are just beautiful. So, enjoy these 20 standout pieces by the great artist!
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Impressive Aldo Raine Tattoo
Solid Black and Grey Work!!
Awesome Carlton Banks Tattoo
Great Work!
Can't Beat A Gorgeous Girl
Creative Gordon Ramsey Tattoo
Solid Hammerhead Shark Tattoo
Beautiful Hand Tattoos!
Badass Heisenberg
Sweet Piece!
Gorgeous Native American Girl
Creative Pirate Tattoo!
Bold Sailor Girl
Brilliant Creativity On This Tattoo
Awesome Details!
Bold Work!
Fierce Shark Tattoo
Impressive Hand Tattoo
Fantastic Wolf Of Wall Street Inspired Tattoo
Awesome Tattoo!!
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