20 Tragic Twilight Tattoos

Twilight is one of the most successful franchises ever.
The books have sold over 120 million copies and the films brought in a combined $3.3 billion worldwide!! The vampire-themed romance series is certainly the leader in its field of teen vampire love, yet it seems it can't inspire a decent tattoo...
You often find Twilight tattoos featuring on 'tattoo fails' lists and while there are some good ones out there for the most part Twilight tattoos are tragic...painfully tragic...Take a look at these 20 Tragic Twilight Tattoos and see why a Team Edward tattoo is never a good idea!!
Twilight tattoo
Dude loves his Bella!
Sorry Jacob.
As neck tattoos go this is certainly not a winner!
Who else is team Edward?
We pray that this is temporary!!
The lettering's almost good...
Top effort...just a little weird...
Twilight tattoo
Twilight tattoo
Is that Steve Buscemi??
Damn bro...
Nailed It!
Just no...
Twilight tattoo
Twilight tattoo
Yep, that's a Twilight tramp stamp!
Twilight tattoo
Any other proud 'Twilighters' out there?
Twilight tattoo