21 Blast Over Tattoos For People With Too Much Ink

21 Blast Over Tattoos For People With Too Much Ink

Got too much ink you've grown out through the years but still love? Then let us introduce you to blast over tattoos.
Blackwork butterfly by Josh Davis
Okay, first of all you might be wondering what on earth are these “blast over tattoos” we speak of. We really want to show you the rest so we're going to keep it short. Blast over tattoos aren't your typical cover up tattoos. They do cover up a layer of tattooed skin but not entirely. It's meant to tattoo over an existing, faded layer of tattoo but not necessarily cover the whole thing up. That's what makes it interesting, tattooing over tattoos.
Blast over tattoos prove that not all “cover up tattoos” are meant for shitty tattoos. Sometimes, we just happen to run out of space. And it doesn't mean we have to stop, either.
Blackwork panther tattoo by Edward M.
Blackwork wizard by Baby O'Neill
by Zack Johnson
by Zack Johnson
Hindu cover up tattoo by Ophelia Violetta
Artist unknown.
Awesome tattoo. Artist unknown.
by Curly Tattoo
Artist unknown.
Geometric blackwork by Pepe
Sugarskull by Isaiah Negrete
by Silje Røe Haglan
by Silje Røe Haglan
by Zack Johnson
by Joe Ellis at Sacred Electric in Leeds
Blackwork butterfly by Philip Yarnell
by James McKenna at WA Ink
by RWA Tattoo
We want to see this go big in 2016!
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