21 Edward Scissorhands Tattoos That Will Cut Your Heart Up

21 Edward Scissorhands Tattoos That Will Cut Your Heart Up

These beautiful Edward Scissorhands tattoos will remind you all the breaks and aches the Tim Burton film gave you all those years ago.
Edward Scissorhands
Even after all these years, this classic Tim Burton film still gets to me. It may start out as a film that would definitely appeal to goth kids and all that at first, but it's a Tim Burton film FFS. A Tim Burton classic, if you may. It's the timeless, forbidden love story that didn't get the happily ever after it deserves but we like it that way. It's beautiful, it's tragic, and Johnny Depp did a fantastic job playing the tormented hero.
Also, Johnny and Winona for life.
by Nikko Hurtado
Edward Scissorhands tattoo by Karl Berringer
by Joe at Raw Ink Studio
by Sam Fiorino
Edward Scissorhands tattoo by Rich Pineda
by Bruno Wayhs Neto
by Paul Watson Sith
by Mat Park
Edward Scissorhands tattoo by Marty McEwen
by Rio
by Holly at Evermore Tattoo
by Michael Geritz
by Pete Pulizzi
by snellynell
by Steve C.
by Moira Ramone
by Tony Jackson
Done at Heart And Soul Tattoo
Artist unknown.
by Alex Lazarini
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