22 Bold Panther Head Tattoos

22 Bold Panther Head Tattoos

Panther head tattoos are an old school classic and still look solid today!!

Along with the tiger the panther is the pinnacle of big cat tattoos, a crawling panther is one of the most iconic tattoo designs ever created. Though panther head tattoos hold their own! Equally as striking as a crawling panther a panther head tattoo takes the boldest part of the big cat and makes a striking piece of body art from it. Wide eyes, sharp teeth, a panther head is simply fierce!!

Usually tattooed in the classic traditional style panther head tattoos can also look great in a more contemporary neo-traditional style. With bold lines and heavy shading these panther head tattoos will show you why this big cat is a design to be respected, its as old school as old school can be and still looks awesome today! If you're thinking of getting a traditional panther then these panther head tattoos will offer some great inspiration.
Striking Tattoo by Francesco Garbuggino
Panther Head Tattoo by Henry Hablak
Panther Head Tattoo by Ibi Rothe
Bold Panther Head by Jessica Swaffer
Intense Work by Joe Bruce
Panther Head Tattoo by Jonas Nyberg
Panther Head Tattoo by Mat Craven Evans
Traditional Panther Head by Matthew Houston
Awesome Hand Tattoos by Nick Mayes
Bold Hand Tattoo by Nick Oaks
Panther Head Tattoo by Rodrigo Kalaka
Badass Chest Tattoo by Shaun Topper
Panther Head Tattoo by Rich Hadley
Brilliant Tattoo by Samuele Briganti
Panther Head Tattoo by Tony Nilsson
Another Great Piece by Samuele Briganti
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