22 Excellent Wolf Cowl Tattoos

22 Excellent Wolf Cowl Tattoos

Wolf cowl tattoos are also inspired by the tale of Red Riding Hood and the battle of purity and good against threat and menace.
A cowl is typically described as a hood, usually long with sleeves and while a normal cowl is by no means a bad tattoo idea, you can stray from the traditional cowl look and be a little more creative, such as with wolf cowl tattoos!! Wolf cowl tattoos bring together two of tattooing's most striking subjects, wolves and women. The beauty and innocence of a woman is put in opposition with the ferocity and danger of the wolf combing the two in an intense and bold image.
Often tattooed in a neo-traditional style wolf cowl tattoos are a gorgeous and impressive piece of ink. The bold wolf is balanced by the delicateness of the women and the look created is brilliant. Take a look at these excellent wolf cowl tattoos and be sure to hit up Tattoodo if you want your own personalized design!!
Beautiful Tattoo by Adam Lorusso
Bold Work by Claudia De Sabe
Great Tattoo by Dane Mancini
Traditional Wolf Cowl Tattoo by Josh Sutterby
Delicate Wolf Cowl by Christophe Bonardi
Awesome Tattoo by Greggletron
Incredible Wolf Cowl Tattoo by Black 13 Tattoo
Epic Work by Herb Auerbach
Wolf Cowl Tattoo by James Mckenna
Awesome Wolf Cowl by Jim Sylvia
Amazing Tattoo by Justin Hartman
Wolf Cowl Tattoo by Mick Gore
Intense Tattoo by Montalvo Tattoos
Gorgeous Wolf Cowl by Paul Anthony Dobleman
Wolf Cowl Tattoo
Bold Neo-Trad Tattoo by Peter Lagergren
Beautiful Work by Philipe Ferreira
Wolf Cowl Tattoo by Ron Henry Wells
Brilliant Tattoo by Torie Larson
Badass Wolf Cowl by Victor Chil
Solid Tattoo by Claudia De Sabe
Wolf Cowl Tattoo by James McKenna
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