22 Lovely Sideboob Tattoos Winning No Bra Days

22 Lovely Sideboob Tattoos Winning No Bra Days

Let's play a game of peek-a-boo with these lovely sideboob tattoos that will make every No Bra Day a bit more fun.
by Kirsten Holliday
It has been said that women were the first ones to get rib tattoos in the past as tribal markings are often placed on visible parts of the body, most especially on the face. That being said, we think this is a good opportunity to send our love to sideboob tattoos because I'm sure we're not the only ones who think sideboobs are freaking awesome.

I know what you're thinking, “They're called rib tattoos! Stop making them complicated!” As a matter of fact, they are. But unlike rib tattoos, sideboob tattoos target a more specific body part only women can rock. We'd also like to give our support to No Bra Day and to encourage Breast Cancer Awareness, cheering on the strong, tattooed women spitting on cancer's face.
Are we going to start calling these “half sideboobs” now, though? But who cares at this point, this clean, blackwork piece looks fantastic.
Feather sideboob tattoo, artist unknown.
Feather tattoo done right!
Artist unknown.
Sideboob tattoos aren't the same as underboob tattoos, though. They cover only one side of the breast on the side either nearest to the boob or the side of the boob itself.
by Kim-Ahn Nguyen
Artist unknown.
Lady Gaga fan alert, put your paws up!
by Chaim Machlev
Beautiful sideboob piece by Berlin tattooist Chaim Machlev, also known as Dots to Lines.
Artist unknown.
Artist unknown.
Now, that's fierce.
Artist unknown.
My mates think this is the best sideboob tattoo there is—Super Sideboob, perhaps?
Stunning work by Alex Edge
Beautiful blackwork sideboob rose, artist unknown.
Pictured, Rita Ora
Even celebrities love their bit of sideboobs.
Stunning dotwork sideboob piece by Kamil Czapiga
Love blackwork? Here's some good news.
Semi-realistic piece by Talley Matthew
Bamboo sideboob by Paul Stillen
by Rob Green
Can't go wrong with proper geometric pieces.
Fine-line sideboob whale tattoo by Banul
A beautiful, fine-line illustration of a whale with the words “Pro memoria” which means “for the sake of memory.”
Blackwork sideboob fern tattoo by Faustink
Looking for more green and leafy tattoos? There's more here.
Bold sideboob eagle tattoo by Antonio Gabriele
Be as bold and free as this eagle! Free your breasts, ladies!
Floral sideboob tattoo by Alice Carrier
Tattoo artist Alice Carrier creates gorgeous, organic designs like these and she clearly did a fantastic job on this floral side piece.
Beautiful dotwork side boob by Alex Arnautov
I saved the best for last.
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