22 Quizzical Raccoon Tattoos

22 Quizzical Raccoon Tattoos

Raccoon tattoos have risen in popularity over recent years, due to the success of Guardians of the Galaxy and Rocket Raccoon.
Among medium-sized mammals the raccoon is one of the best. Known for its extremely dexterous front paws and distinctive facial markings/patterns, the raccoon has long been a symbolic animal of Native American people and remains in high regard to this day. Raccoon as an incredibly intelligent animal can remember the solution to a task it has completed for up to three years after. Sadly raccoons don't always get the respect they should. They have been perceived as somewhat of scavengers who go through people's bins and leave a messy trail from the scene. But still, raccoons are awesome and you should definitely check out some raccoon tattoos!
A highly intelligent, walking and talking raccoon who's a crack shot and master tactician Rocket Raccoon has definitely had a role in the rise of raccoon tattoos! Take a look at these raccoon tattoos and see why they're becoming so popular!!
Raccoon in a suit tattoo
Geometric Raccoon Tattoo
Raccoon Camera Tattoo by Hanna Sandstrom
Matching Raccoon Tattoo
unknown artist
Cool Piece by Gael Ricci
Brilliant Tattoo by Jen Rose
Old School Style by Jimmy Duvall
Bold Tattoo by Josh Stephens
Amazing Raccoon Tattoo by Ash Lewis
Epic Hand Tattoo by Kari Grat
Awesome Work by Lukas Zglwnicki
Great Tattoo by Marco Schmidgunst
Colorful Raccoon with a diamond tattoo
Solid Tattoo by Mirja Fenris
Creative Raccoon Tattoo by Mo Mori
Abstract Raccoon Tattoo by Peter Aurisch
Raccoon Tattoo by Speck Osterhout
Awesome Hand Tattoo by Susanne König
unknown artist
unknown artist
Rocket Raccoon Tattoo by Chris Jones
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