22 Tarot Card Tattoos Of The Major Arcana

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Tarot Card Tattoos. The Tarot has been a very popular psychic tool since the medieval times. There is mystery & secrecy in its origins.

O: THE FOOL -a fresh start; with optimism & childlike confidence.

I: THE MAGICIAN -You have more power & versatility than you realize.

II: THE HIGH PRIESTESS -Take note of your dreams, intuition & inner guidance. Trust your instincts.

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III: THE EMPRESS -It is a time of creativity & abundance on any level.

The emperor, tarot card tattoo
The emperor, tarot card tattoo

IV: THE EMPEROR -Accept your authority & acknowledge your power.

V: THE HIEROPHANT: Adopt a conventional, traditional & careful approach to situations.

VI: THE LOVERS -A strong emotional bond or choice.

VII: THE CHARIOT -Face up to hard work & difficult experiences with will power. Tattoo by Mickey Schlick (Blaque Owl Tattoo)

Tarot card tattoos by emily ann
Tarot card tattoos by emily ann

VIII: STRENGTH -Draw on your strength of purpose to beat the odds & triumph. (Tattoo Artist: Emily Ann)

IX: THE HERMIT -Some form of enlightenment, whether spiritual or educational.

X: THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE -A situation is about to alter. Nothing stays the same.

Tarot card tattoo by emily griffiths
Tarot card tattoo by emily griffiths

XI: JUSTICE -Behave in a fair & balanced manner. Don't pass judgment on others. (Tattoo Artist: Emily Griffiths)

XII: THE HANGED MAN -You need to view a situation from a different angle. (Tattoo Artist: Miss Arianna)

XIII: DEATH -A time of powerful psychological change & transformation. Tattoo by Kola Hari

XIV: TEMPERANCE -Bring more balance & moderation into your life. (Tattoo Artist: Tex Buss)

XV: THE DEVIL -You feel enslaved by a situation, but you can break free from it.

XVI: THE TOWER -Sudden & dramatic events could cause loss of face & a change of fortune.

Tarot card tattoo by Ross K Jones
Tarot card tattoo by Ross K Jones

XVII: THE STAR -A dream could come true or a difficult situation will improve; also, a recovery from illness.

XVIII: THE MOON -Things are not as they seem. There is a chance of deception & confusion.

Tarot card tattoo
Tarot card tattoo

XIX: THE SUN -You will soon have more joy, creativity & fulfillment.

XX: JUDGEMENT -Don't judge others too harshly. Some form of rebirth is possible. (Apparently, we didn't find any Tattoos of this card. If you have one, feel free to submit & get featured!)

XXI: THE WORLD -Worldly success, or the end of one cycle & the start of another.



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