23 Fine Geometric Dotwork Tattoos By Akke

23 Fine Geometric Dotwork Tattoos By Akke

Can't get enough of dots? You're in luck if you live in Finland because that's where this amazing dotwork tattooer is from. Akke of ARO
Private Tattoo Studio in Helsinki, Finland specialises in gorgeous dotwork tattoos of sacred geometric symbols. His geometric dotwork tattoos possess such intricacy and precision that makes his works look as raw as hand poked pieces.
1. This elegant chest piece, Dotwork Tattoos by Akke
2. These matching dotwork bands, Dotwork Tattoos by Akke
It's the same woman from the photo above! Guess there's something about Akke that keeps them coming back for more.
3. Gorgeous dotwork knuckle tattoos
With tattoos like these, who needs bracelets?
3. Gorgeous dotwork knuckle tattoos
Dotwork knuckle tattoos
If I have leg pieces like these, I'd refuse to wear pants even in the winter.
5. A pure dotwork half sleeve
6. This exquisite sleeve featuring Buddha
Sleeve tattoo featuring Buddha
Stunning, isn't it?
7. This sleeve featuring the Tree of Life
8. A beautiful blackwork/dotwork sleeve
9. An entire dotwork sleeve of sacred geometric elements
10. This gorgeous, stylised mandala flower
11. A full dotwork back piece
12. This striking, Victorian design back piece
13. This dotwork Matroyshka doll
14. This cute dotwork bracelet
Again, who needs more bracelets when you've got this?
15. This tribal dotwork wrist tattoo
16. These matching dotwork foot pieces
17. This large sacred geometric arm tattoo
18. This simple, yet mesmerising dotwork piece
Goes along just right with the all-seeing eye tattoo above it.
19. This gorgeous Hamsa design
20. This unique geometric dotwork design
21. This optical illusion style geometric design
The accuracy is incredible.
22. These matching mandala flower tattoos
23. This cat underboob dotwork tattoo
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