25 Colorful True Parrot Tattoos

25 Colorful True Parrot Tattoos

Want a tattoo that's bright and bold, then you've got to take a look at these colorful true parrot tattoos!
The term 'true parrot' refers to roughly 350 species of parrots. In general, the parrots most people are familiar with are the hookbilled and brightly colored ones. A great tattoo for those who want something eye-catching - colorful true parrot tattoos are probably the brightest and boldest of all bird tattoos!! A tropical bird found across the globe you can't go wrong with one of these guys tattooed on you!
Whether you go new school, old school or realistic, a true parrot tattoo is a solid tattoo. Striking and vibrant these colorful birds simply look great on skin, take a moment and let these 25 colorful true parrot tattoos bring some energy into your day. Enjoy!!
Parrot Flower Tattoo by Rogue Leader Tattoo
Traditional Style by Tony Nilsson
Awesome True Parrot by Adrian Edek
Bold Work by Adrian Edek
Incredible Parrot Tattoo by Alex de Pase
Epic Backpiece by Cartel Ink Works
Solid Parrot Tattoo by Eli Quinters
Parrot Tattoo by Francesco Garbuggino
Bold Tattoo by Franz Stefanik
Awesome Tattoo by Gordon Combs
Parrot Tattoo by Jimmy Duvall
Realistic Parrot Tattoo by Kwadron Tattoo Gallery
Awesome Piece by Led Coult
Abstract Tattoo by Mike Stocklings
Parrot Tattoo by Mike DeVries
Beautiful True Parrot Tattoo by Negative Karma
True Parrot Tattoo by Piranha Tattoo Supplies
Parrot Tattoo by Powerline Tattoo
Fantastic Parrot Tattoo by Robert Witczuk
Parrot Tattoo by Rock n Roll
Traditional Parrot Tattoo by Salvation Tattoo
Old School Parrot Tattoo by Sanchez - Sydney
Parrot Tattoo by Sile Sanda
Amazing Parrot Tattoo by Silvano Fiato
Parrot Tattoo by Tony Nilsson