25 Killer Blast Over Tattoos!!

25 Killer Blast Over Tattoos!!

Blast over tattoos are a bold choice of ink for any serious tattoo collector to appreciate!!
A blast over tattoo is a form of cover up tattoo that doesn't fully cover the tattoo below, effectively creating a layered ink look. Usually tattooed over some old and faded tattoos blast over tattoos are often bold blackwork traditional designs with lots of lines and lots of negative space, allowing for the tattoo below to still show through and add to the layered effect.
A solid option for those with little room left to work with a blast over tattoo is a great piece for any serious ink collector!!
Blast Over Devil Tattoo by David Locke
Blast Over Flower Tattoo by Charles Daniel Holmes
Blast Over Gorilla Tattoo by Jonas Willy
Blast Over Crossbones Tattoo by Matty D’Arienzo
Blast Over Grim Reaper Tattoo by Tommy Sierra
Blast Over Knife Tattoo by Steven Donohue
Dracula Blast Over Tattoo
Blast Over Tattoo by Yanki Tattooer
Blast Over Rose Tattoo by Jimmy Bruce
unknown artist
Blast Over Gorilla by tck tattooer
Blast Over Tattoos by Valerio Maddalena
Blast Over Skull and Dagger Tattoo by Travis Stanley
Blast Over Tattoo by Takeshi Hasegawa
Blast Over Skull Tattoo by Ryan Weaver
Blast Over Tattoos by Joe Ellis
Blast Over Snake Tattoo by Mater Totemica
Blast Over Tattoo by Renata Gregori
Blast Over Spider and Snake by Christopher Simmons
Blast Over Tattoo by Galina Rossa
Blast Over Rose Tattoo by Gustavo Silvano
Blast Over Gorilla by Rob Mopar
Blast Over Tattoo by James McKenna
Blast Over Tattoo by Joe Ellis