25 Sickest Hand Jammer Tattoos Ever!

25 Sickest Hand Jammer Tattoos Ever!

Pack some punches with these BAMF hand jammer tattoos!
by Guen Douglas
“First off, I think the hand job is completely underrated and should be given the respect it deserves,” says a tattoo enthusiast on Tumblr. “Second, and most importantly, people need to start calling them ‘hand jammers’. Seriously people, we need to make this happen. Next time you’re getting intimate with your significant other, slam piece, or random hook up, just go for it and either ask for or ask to give a hand jammer.”

We agree, the “hand jammer” has to happen! We've already got the underboob and the behind-the-ear tattoos. What better way for hand jammers to make their mark than with a list of total BAMF tattoos in beautiful black and grey, blackwork, neo-traditional, and color realism.
by John Lewis Double
Can't get enough of wolves?
by Adriaan Machete
by Tristen Zhang
by agent0tex117/Deviant Art
by Jp Wikman
Artist unknown.
by Dmitriy Samohin
by Kari Grat, Sweden.
Love this neo-traditional piece!
by Paul Acker
by Zack Singer of Dallas, TX
by Riccardo Cassese!
by Stanley Storm
by Benjamin Laukis
by Yushi Tattoo
by Thomas Wells
by Nick Cowan
by Jesse Rix
Trippy Jesse Rix stuff.
Here's another sick wolf hand jammer!
Delicious blackwork.
More savage stuff like this by Paul Acker here.
Epic Legend of Zelda's Majora's Mask hand jammer on Zak!

Wear those hand jammers with vicious pride!
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