25 Straight-Shooting Cowgirl Tattoos

25 Straight-Shooting Cowgirl Tattoos

Frequently done in a bold traditional style cowgirl tattoos are a great piece for anyone looking into old school women and pin-up tattoos!
The history of women in the old west and those that worked the cattle ranches is not as well documented as the history of the men. Nevertheless, cowgirls made their mark on the west and did just as much as their male counterparts. Cowgirls worked side by side with men and did their jobs equally well, if not better, and America would certainly not be what it is today without the humble cowgirls! So why not show them the love with some straight-shooting cowgirl tattoos.
Cowgirl tattoos are one of the classic tattoo girl designs and often feature a beautiful looking woman in a typical cowboy hat, neckerchief and occasionally with a horse. Take a look at these 25 cowgirl tattoos and feel those wild west vibes with some old timey ink!
Cowgirl and Indian Tattoo by Lina Sigsson
Cowgirl Butterfly Tattoo by Jessica Swaffer
Masked Bandit by Jemma Jones
Tattoo by Chelsea Kotzur
Bold Piece by Chris David
Cowgirl Tattoo by Christian Peters
Traditional Tattoo by Fergus Simms
Epic Balckwork Tattoo by Hexa
Cowgirl Tattoo by Ivan Antonyshev
Another Great Tattoo From Jemma Jones
Cowgirl Tattoo by Jess Swaffer
Solid Work by Joe Ellis
Cowgirl Tattoo by Marie Sena
Cowgirl by Matthew Houston
Tattoos by Mikael Harrstedt
Cowgirl Tattoo "If you die, so do I"
Small Cowgirl Tattoo by Mina Aoki
Bold Neck Tattoo by Nate Hudak
Cowgirl Tattoo by Omar M
Classic Style by Shon Lindauer
Brilliant Chest Piece by Stuart G Cripwell
Cowgirl Tattoo by Matthew Talley
Old Time Cowgirl by Tony Hundahl
Cowgirl Tattoo by Virginia Elwood
unknown artist
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