29 Subtle Hand Poke Tattoos By Taylor Kaclik

29 Subtle Hand Poke Tattoos By Taylor Kaclik

You're going to be hit by the feeling of puppy love with these delicate, hand poked tattoos by Taylor Kaclik.
Sternum tattoo by taylorcaklik
Brooklyn-based tattoo artist Taylor Kaclik combines two well-loved tattoos of this year to create delicate pieces made by a single needle.
Flower tattoo by taylorcaklik
If you loved Dr. Woo's fine line and single-needle tattoos, then you're going to fall hard for Taylor's hand poked tattoos.
All her designs share the same, lovely attributes—dotwork and fine lines.
Side tattoo by taylorcaklik
Not everybody is going to be a fan of Taylor's style but for those who have a taste for minimalism and subtlety, you're going to want to jump on the first plane to Brooklyn for a tattoo session.
Behind the ear tattoo by taylorcaklik
We love Taylor's approach with tattooing. She simply enjoys what she does and she tries to connect with her clients as much as possible, rather than worry about exposure and acclaim.
Arm tattoo by taylorcaklik
Constellation by taylorcaklik
Arm tattoo by taylorcaklik
Those who have become fans of Taylor appreciate and take notice of the little things in her little pieces—the dotwork, the almost impeccable lines, and how much the tattoo artist has improved since picking up hand poking some time ago.
Arrow collar bone tattoo by taylorcaklik
Arm tattoo by taylorcaklik
Compass by taylorcaklik
by taylorcaklik
She's like a hand poke tattooist version of Jon Boy and Dr.Woo—the former an ace with minimalism while the latter mastered the single-needle way of tattooing.
Tiny finger tattoo by taylorcaklik
Constellation hand tattoo by taylorcaklik
Sternum tattoo by taylorcaklik
Taylor herself
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