30 Luscious Pomegranate Tattoos

30 Luscious Pomegranate Tattoos

Bite on these lush pomegranate tattoos, brimming with good symbolism and good ink!
by Kirsten Holliday
The pomegranate is one of the most underrated yet loved designs in tattoos. Also a popular choice among vegans to add to their sleeves, along with the avocado tattoo.

For starters, the pomegranate is a fruit has a hard outer shell with tons of tasty seeds inside. The fruit is believed to have originated in Iran and Afghanistan where it was regarded as a holy symbol by Zoroastrians. Most cultures associate its abundance of seeds with fertility or prosperity. But in Greek mythology, it's recognised as the symbol of the Abduction of Persephone.
by Callum
by Missy Rhysing
by Robert Cabello
Pretty in Neo-trads.
by tuija_kintarotattoo
by Dustin Mugridge
by Max Egy
by Mel Perlman
Juicy. Pomegranate tattoo by Tylor Schwarz
by Alice Carrier
Done at Live in Color Tattoo
by Arda Ozguc
by Joshua Bowers
Succulent. Pomegranate tattoo by Alexis Vaatete
by Samantha Sharland
by Sasha Unisex
by Joey G
by Ibi Rothe
Want more rad foot tattoos like this? There's more here, bound to get you walking barefoot in the winter.
by Kyle Giffens
Tastefully realistic pomegranate tattoo by Lorenzo Evil Machines
A nice vegan sleeve, artist unknown.
by Kerry Irvine
Done at Jinx Proof Tattoo
Savage neck piece by Russ Abbot
Wickedly delicious pomegranate tattoo by Matt Buck
Artistic spin by Gene Coffey
by Stephanie Brown
by Scott Owen at Seven Swords Tattoo Studio, in Cheltenham, UK
Lush anatomical heart crossed with pomegranate by Olggah
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