45 Foot Tattoos That Will Make You Go Barefoot In The Winter

45 Foot Tattoos That Will Make You Go Barefoot In The Winter

With foot tattoos like these, who would want to wear snow boots for the winter?
by Keegan Sweeney
Regardless of your pain tolerance with foot tattoos, you're going to forget about that part once you see the rest of these! A mix of blackwork, geometric dotwork, realism, neo trad, and many more; there's one for everyone here. Only it sucks that winter is coming so these tattoos will probably spend most of the season cozy in socks and boots. But pray, come next season and your foot tattoos will be all healed up and blooming like the best of the spring flowers.

Walk with us on the dark side. There's tons of sick tattoos here, mate.
by Justin Dion of Portland, Oregon
Foot tattoos that capture the modern bourgeois life perfectly.
by Matt Adamson
by Marla Moon
by MicroCosm @cosmic.karma of Helmond, The Netherlands
by Carlos Rojas
Don't waste any skin space and go big or go home like what this client of Carlos Rojas did!
Bumpkin Tattoo
Photo by Myrah Oh
by Ien Levin
by Tom Lortie
Go bold when walking to the wild side.
Plum Tattoo
I don't know about you but I'm liking the whatever, chill-out vibe on this tattoo!
New school style tattoo by Tien Dat Tran
Rad lab rat tattoo by Brittany Lane
by Brando Chiesa
by Tim Hendricks
by Marie Kraus
by Chris Magnusson at Deepwood Tattoo in Stockholm
Turn your imperfections into inkperfections.
by Diana Severinenko
Dotwork hexagon pattern by Jeanmarco Cicolini
by Austin Maples
by Jessica K./@svrtxvt
by Sebastian Brade
This is what a neo traditional tattoo done right looks like.
by Heath Clifford
Another beautiful neo-trad design.
by Mirja Fenris
by Guy Le Tattooer
Leave it to Guy Le Tattooer for boldness, preciseness, and intricacy in blackwork.
by Matt Adamson at Jayne Doe Tattoo, UK
The fairest of them all. I won't mind freezing my arse off in the winter if I can show off these bad boys.
via Last Sparrow Tattoo
by Nissaco
Want to see more from this raging Japanese artist? There's more works by Nissaco here.
by Mar Del Plata of Argentina
by Will Gee
by Tim McEvoy
by Alvaro Flores
by Bintt of Southend, UK
by Balazs Bercsenyi of Budapest
Since arrow tattoos are really big this year, why not do your own thing with a rather common yet classic design? Own it!
by Caco Menegaz of Curitiba, Brazil
A dash of color in mandalas can make a whole lot of difference.
by Ian Luts
by Ian Lutz
by BJN Bexa at CYKADA Tattoo in Sopot Poland
by Noon Tattoo
Will the primitivist style in tattoos make it big soon?
by Thieves of Tower
Blackwork artist Thieves of Tower, working his magic.
by Pairodicetattoos
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