6 Reasons To Say Yes To Tattoos At Your Wedding

Showing off tattoos at weddings has been rather a hidden taboo, especially in the minds of older generations.
Being an inked bride or groom surfaces other worries than just choosing the dress, suit, flowers, cake etc, as the possibility of disappointing your loved ones needs to be avoided, too. However, in the end it’s your day, your wedding and your happiness that matters; everything else will follow. If your tattoos are a significant part of your life, there is no reason to hide them.
Here are 6 reasons why you should say yes to the tattoos at your wedding:
1. It’s your wedding, not others’
2. Do it for your spouse and for yourself
3. Tattoos are part of who you are
4. Tattoos look awesome with wedding wear
5. Unconditional love between family and friends, they will always accept you as you are!
6. No regrets - live your life to the fullest and embrace your ink every moment